Teachers Salary

There are three types of part-time instructors covered under the head teachers salary; Art education, Health and Physical Education and Work Education. As per GO(MS) No.170/ G Edn Dated 05-10-2016, SSA appointed 2514( 838X3) part-time instructors. The salary of part-time instructors is paid by SSA. Department of education posted teachers in the place of Head teachers to make them free of class charge and the salary of these teachers were paid by SSA. In the State,2601 special teachers for Physical Education, Art Education and Work Experience were appointed in Government schools on contract basis for the effective conduct of curricular activities. The expenditure was Rs.4078.76 lakh in this year.

Teacher Training

Teacher training have always been seen as an important factor for improving quality. Quality education is a comprehensive term that includes learners, teachers, teaching learning process, learning environment, curriculum, pedagogy, learning outcomes, assessment, etc. Without enhancing the capabilities of the teachers both ideologically and realistically, the state could not address the quality issues. Transforming the existing teachers is the crucial and critical task. Hence any training without enabling the teachers to unlearn the old behaviouristic practices that they inherited or imbibed from their teachers and reinforced through the old pattern of pre service training is meaningless. Teacher empowerment has got new dimensions in our country owing to the realization of RTE 2009 particularly in the context of millennium goal of Education for all. Quality teachers are the assets of a school. To enhance quality of teacher empowerment programme on novel ideas, transactional modalities and skill development are essential. In order to satisfy these needs a comprehensive teacher empowerment programme for transforming teachers is essential. Teachers of Kerala, all of them are professionally qualified, are getting training in pedagogy and contents in two way channel the in service training for 8 day and follow up cluster meeting for 7 days. 10 day Training was given to Resource Persons for conducting training Programmes. Training during midsummer vacation Several training programmes were conceptualized and implemented by SSA in order to impart training to a large number of teachers in Primary schools. These programmes are aimed to enrich and update teachers knowledge in content, pedagogy and other areas of school curriculum. These involve a mechanism by which the professional development of a large number of teachers taking place through a centralized approach the Cascade Model. In this model, a small group of teachers are selected to receive intensive training and then they provide training to their peers (Core SRG SRG, DRG, Teacher Training). In the year 2017-18, the State has given 5 days training to 121844 teachers during mid summer vacation. The expenditure was Rs.1653.31 lakh in this year.

Cluster Training

In the year 2017-18, three cluster training sessions were conducted. In these clusters the teaching manuals were prepared by the teachers and discussed the hard spots in the curriculum and identified the solutions to overcome the learning gaps and difficulties in class room transactions.