As one of the major focus areas of RTE Act, the children with special needs, is of the most important thrust areas of SSA. After detecting the disabilities through medical camps, the nature and extent of disabilities are identified and assistive aids, external support and home based services are extended by the Resource teachers. Academic support to CWSN children is provided by empowering the general school teachers and Resource Teachers. Adaptation of the content area is highlighted in general teacher training and also multi category training is conducted for Resource Teachers for their professional development. Total enrolment, inclusion and quality education to all are the main objectives of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan. In the context of RTE it is given more priority to provide educational facility to all children in the age group of 6-14 (in the case of CWSN it is 6-18).There are many children who are not getting proper opportunity for education due to their disabilities and SSA mainly focused special activities for the inclusion of CWSN. By the instruction of the state, districts undertake various activities to ensure the education and socialization of the children with special needs in the year 2017-18. The proposed programmes were put into practice with the wholehearted co-operation of NGOs, LSGs and related functionaries concerned. This year SSA gave more importance to the aspect of quality. Thus we give more emphasis to curriculum adaptation and more experience in developing adapted Teaching Learning Materials. A strong wing of Resource group is engaged in the inclusive education programme. Almost all the children with special needs were identified during the surveys in schools and Anganwadies. Accordingly, medical camps were arranged at all BRCs for detailed medical examination and diagnosis. As per the recommendations of the medical team supporting aids were provided to the children during this year. Financial assistance was provided to children for conducting corrective surgeries in government hospitals. International Day for the Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) was celebrated in all BRCs with many varied programmes and cultural activities. Majority of the parents and community leaders participated in the programme. For promoting confidence and creativity among CWSN, cultural fest and various activities were organized. On the second day, children were motivated to participate in various events and they were acknowledged with prizes. All the Resource Teachers were provided with paper crafts, candle making, conference pad making, agarbathi making and bamboo crafts as a part a Vocational training. For effective class room management for the CWSN students, 5 days Subject wise curriculum adaptation residential training was also conducted for Resource Teachers and general teachers. All the programmes included in this intervention were successful. The expenditure was Rs.2602.96 lakhs in this year.

Home based education

2287 students received training in the academic year 2017-2018 under HBE. The concerned Resource teachers visit the homes allotted to them once in a week (Tuesday). Teachers prepared IEPs considering the necessary training which to be imparted. The goal of those training was to achieve self help skills, fine motor and gross motor activities, speech training and academic skills like colour concept, number concept, picture concept etc. The periodical development was being reported to the district and remedial measures are being implemented. For home-based learners, the resource teachers give support academically and therapeutically. The resource teachers train the children and the parents using different mode of teaching aids and provide TLM to the parents also.

Surgical correction of CWSN

Doctors suggested that the problems faced by the CWSN can be minimized by some surgical measures. But acute poverty of their parents makes them helplessness in this regard. This issue led them to an emotional crisis. If financial assistance is rendered to those who need corrective surgery, their challenges may be addressed to some extent and they will be active in their learning activities. The most suitable children were selected at BRC level. Bills and vouchers were collected and settled after the surgery.

Koottukoodaan Pusthakachangathi

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan launched this novel Project for the Children With Special Needs. It aimed to lead these children to the wider world of reading and so this project was named Koottukoodaan Pusthakachangaathi (Books my companion). The focus was on children who were unable to come to school or on not even able to play with their friends and are completely bedridden. The ultimate aim of the project is to provide library books to all Children With Special Needs in SSA. In the first step, SSA was successful in setting up a library of 1300 books to 55 bed-ridden children. In 55 home libraries for CWSN. The extended works include creative writing, Programmes associated with reading, presentations and extended reading. The programme also envisions leading the parents of CWSN to the world of literature. SSA is successful in the Distribution of 5215 books, 250 book shelves, T-pad for those who canít read, Tablets, DVD Players etc.

Autism centre

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is conducting various programs for the total development of children with limitations. Autism centre for the year 2017-2018 was started functioning from the month of April itself. About 800 children were the beneficiaries of autism centres. Activities were planned with respect to the childrens skills and limitations. The training was given to each student for one hour by the resource teachers in all working days.SSA had provided various technological devices for the fulfillment of these activities. Activities related to eye hand co ordination, muscle development, sensory stimulation etc. were administrated. Exercise to maintain and increase muscle strength was part of the activity. The trained students improved their will power and participated in class room activities and school arts festivals. Massager, Puppet set of animals, Sound modulation box, Rhythm set, Food balancing maze, Co-ordination set, Multi activity cube, Movable (capital letter ) Alpha basic learning kit, basic learning kit language, Number game, Abacus, Counting 1 to 20 gift out puzzle, Solid shapes, Geo board with Geo pin, Fun castle sand play set, Touch train, Spring a ling, Beboard with hundred peg, Malayalam alphabet set, Sewing tree with fruits, Bead shuttle spiral etc. were available. There are 49 utism centres in the State. 2039 children were the beneficiaries of this programme. To reduce hyperactivity of autistic students special trainings are given using equipments like Trampoline. To reduce hyperactivity and to increase concentration Tread Mills are used. To improve the concentration and coordinating power eye and hands trainings are given using Pegboard and Balancing board. To provide speech training to autistic children Speech Trainers are used. Parallel Bars are used for providing walking training. For the relaxation and reduction of hyper activity, trainings are given in Ball Pool. All these activities were planned with respect to the childrens skills and limitations. The training was given to each student for one hour by resource teachers in all working days.